Belt Rip System

The new Becker Mining Systems Belt Rip Detection System BRS 2 has been developed to help increase the productivity of conveyor belts by detecting belt rips as soon and as reliable as possible. To monitor steel cable and fibre belts, inductive loops need to be embedded in the belt. Once installed, the BRS 2 will detect the loops on the conveyor, define and number the loops and create its own image of the belt and its loops in real time. The BRS 2 using its real time loop diagnostics, continuously monitors the belt’s health and in the event of a rip, stops the belt and reduces any further damage and downtime. Access and the monitoring of the system is simple, either locally with its 12”TFT screen, 5 shortcut buttons, mouse pad and virtual keypad or remotely via TCP/IP or Modbus. An IS version of the BRS is also available.